Bill Nighy stars in Robin Hood tax campaign

More than 50 charities are supporting a UK campaign to levy a Tobin tax on transactions between financial institutions, which can be used to help fight poverty, protect public services and tackle climate change. The campaign will be launched today with an online promotional film written by Richard Curtis, the writer of Four Weddings and … Read more

Bill Nighy is Quentin, the boss of Radio Rock

There is more information available about your without a doubt favourite film of 2009. Production of The Boat that Rocked has just started in the UK. Shooting will take place in both the Shepperton Studios and on a vessel in the Channel. From the Working Title website: Synopsis: n 1966, arguably British pop music’s finest … Read more

More crew on board The Boat that Rocked

It’s getting more crowded on Richard Curtis’ The Boat That Rocked, as it seem to turn into a beautiful British ensemble project: January Jones (Love Actually) Rhys Ifans (Spike from Notting Hill) Kenneth Branagh have just boarded. Add Bill Nighy and Philip Seymour Hoffman to that mix and it is getting rather explosive. Shooting starts … Read more

Bill Nighy opposite Philip Seymour Hoffman in The Boat That Rocked

Bill Nighy is getting a fantastic cast aboard his rocking boat, Philip Seymour Hoffman has signed up to star opposite Bil in The Boat That Rocked. Set to begin production in March, the film centers on two DJs running pirate radio stations on boats in the North Sea in the 1960s, when the BBC was … Read more

The Girl In The Cafe wins Emmy’s in the USA

It has been a succesful evening for the The Girl In The Cafe yesterday, at the yearly Emmy Awards. The film featuring Bill Nighy and Kelly MacDonald won 3 prizes : Best TV Movie Best Writing, mini-series/TV movie Best Supporting actress in mini-series/TV movie (Kelly MacDonald) All prices are absolutely deserved, Richard Curtis wrote a … Read more