Bill Nighy interview in the Telegraph

He did join a garage band at one point, as the singer, ‘but it was all too scary’. His hair was partly to blame for his shaken confidence. ‘I had a catastrophe when I hit puberty in that my hair went violently curly. I tried putting some gunk on it to keep it down but … Read more

Bill Nighy from Japan (G8) interview Andrew Marr show

Bill Nighy is currently lobbying with Oxfam at the G8, to make sure that the G8 doesn’t forget their promises about making poverty history. Bill did an interview for the Andrew Marr show (Bill’s interview is about 30 minutes in the program). You can see the interview here. See also: Oxfam More about Bill Nighy … Read more

Bill Nighy in the magazines

Harper’s Bazaar has a nice interview with and even nicer pictures of Bill Nighy in May’s edition. Here is a Nighy classic from that interview: “I’m not famous for holiday-making. I don’t really understand it,” he says. “Apparently, it is now compulsory to wear shorts – and yet there are only three people in the … Read more

Courttv – Q&A with Bill Nighy and The Thing

Courttv has a nice interview with Bill Nighy, about Notes on a Scandal, The Vertical Hour, New York, and about the possibility of playing a rocker again (which is definitely not denied by Bill). Here is Bill about The Thing in New York and London: I like the fact that that you’re allowed to say … Read more

Bill Nighy on Charlie Rose – the full hour

It’s here, the full hour of Bills interview with Charlie Rose is now available on Google video : An Hour with Bill Nighy. Make a cup of Yorkshire tea, sit down and indulge. The official site for Notes on a Scandal has another extra film clip with Cate Blanchett and Bill Nighy about filming Notes. … Read more

Bill Nighy talks

If you are a Bill Nighy fan, your year can’t start any better than with this. So – make yourself a cup of Yorkshire tea, find a good chair, sit back, and press play, and hugely enjoy 25 minutes with Bill Nighy, talking about his career, theatre and film, acting, being mellow and not the … Read more

NY Theatre: The Sex Symbol Who Showers in the Dark

Lovely interview with Bill Nighy in the New York Theatre. “Is this all right, or am I talking bollocks?” he asks. “I know when I go away I’m going to have post-interview trauma or something because I always think … Anyway, don’t worry, don’t panic. What was I saying?” Go, go, go read it.

Can Bill Nighy take Manhattan?

OK, the real title of this delicious article in the Observer is really Can David Hare take Manhattan? It’s a mixed article with interviews with Sam Mendes, David Hare and Bill Nighy. Downstairs, Nighy is holding sardonic court on his new carpet in a dressing room about four times the size of Scott’s. ‘Do you … Read more