Bill Nighy’s Latest Role Is the One He’s Been Waiting For

Bill Nighy

Nice interview in GQ with Bill Nighy about playing Inspector John Kildare in the Limehouse Golem: “I like the fact that, in the film, the suspects are all famous real people. Like, for instance, Karl Marx. You find yourself thinking, “Well, was Karl Marx in London?” Yeah, Karl Marx was in London. “Was he really … Read more

Guardian interview: Bill Nighy: ‘I’m not in any trouble, everybody can relax’

The Guardian has a nice interview with Bill Nighy about Their Finest, but really also about his whole career, and about why he really doesn’t want to watch his own work. As in really really not.   And it’s getting harder,” he says, clearly warming to the subject. “In the old days, they’d say: ‘There’s … Read more

Bill Nighy is Inspector John Kildare in the Limehouse Golem

Bill Nighy in the Limehouse Golem

Something to look forward to: Bill Nighy plays Inspector John Kildare in a new crime drama The Limehouse Golem.

The Scottish Yard Inspector John Kildare (Bill Nighy), who is about to retire, is involved in the “Limehouse Golem” case. Four times, the mysterious killer has hit so far, without leaving usable traces for the police. Kildare accidentally stumbles over a hot trail and suddenly has four main suspects. John Cree (Sam Reid), one of the suspects, recently died under unexplained circumstances. His wife Elizabeth (Olivia Cooke), a well-known “Music Hall” actress, is accused of killing him.

The investigations leads Kildare into the dodgy milieu of the “Music Hall” scene. For Cree their star is one of the possible “Golem” suspects.

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Pirate radio – video clip and more stills and Bill Nighy on Pinter interview

Pirate Radio More video clips and still from Pirate Radio (The Boat That Rocked) have been released. One of the funniest scenes in the film is where The Count (Philip Seymour Hoffman) is about to say the F-word on radio for the very first time. Quentin, boss of Radio Rock isn’t too pleased about that: … Read more

Bill Nighy in Burke and Hare with John Cleese, Simon Pegg and Minnie Driver

Bill Nighy will star in a new black comedy about two 19th century grave robbers who find a lucrative business providing cadavers for an Edinburgh medical school. It is uncertain what role Bill will play, but it won’t be one of the two murderous leads. Simon Pegg has been cast as one of them though. … Read more

The Boat That Rocked – new photos, new logo, new trailer and more

New Trailer And another trailer: New image: Logo New website New website, new Quentin desktop background, new JingleJam (with snort), in other words, go over to the site and rock your heart out. James Joyce Award Bill has also recently received a James Joyce Award, an award given by the Literary and Historical Society (L&H) … Read more

The Boat that Rocked goodies and Bill on the radio

The Boat that Rocked now has an official 1st of April UK release. Here is the official trailer: Film Trailers by And the official website for The Boat That Rocked will open soon too. If you would like to download the artwork for the film in full size, just click on the two images … Read more

Charles Paris, Rocking Boat, The Entertainer, Underworld

If you happened to have bought the Mama Mia DVD you might be in for a treat, as the Boat that Rocked Trailer seems to be included on the DVD. It is at the moment available here – watch Bill dance. If you like Bill’s voice, and who doesn’t: BBC4 will broadcast a brand new … Read more

Lots of Nighy-candy – Underworld and The Boat that Rocked

New teaser posters have been released for The Boat that Rocked: And there are several new movie stills from Underworld:Rise of the Lycans and there is also a fantastic first poster. Looks like there will be a whole lot more of Bill in this Underworld film. (Click on the Underworld posters for larger size images). … Read more