Bill Nighy returns to the theatre in London for Skylight

Skylight with Bill Nighy and Carey Mulligan

Bill Nighy finally returns to the stage in his hometown London. Bill Nighy, Carey Mulligan and Matthew Beard will star in a production of David Hare’s Skylight directed by Stephen Daldry. The play opens at Wyndham’s Theatre on 18 June 2014 (previews from 6 June).

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Bill Nighy talks

If you are a Bill Nighy fan, your year can’t start any better than with this. So – make yourself a cup of Yorkshire tea, find a good chair, sit back, and press play, and hugely enjoy 25 minutes with Bill Nighy, talking about his career, theatre and film, acting, being mellow and not the … Read more

More Nighy and the Vertical Hour

Nighy is physically curious as he thrusts his hands in his pockets, slinks his lean frame into Ann Roth’s costumes or shuffles around Scott Pask’s verdant set, which Brian MacDevitt illuminates with clever stealth. New York Press And more and more rumours and hopes that The Vertical Hour will transfer from Broadway to London.

The Vertical Hour reviews – “He is, of course, wonderful”

Bill Nighy in the Vertical Hour After the official opening yesterday, the first reviews of The Vertical Hour are showing up. While the play itself gets mixed reviews, Bill Nighy gets raved in nearly all of them. (Click the links for the full reviews) (This post will be updated when new reviews come in – … Read more

Timeout NY : A Brit on the side

Timeout NY has a nice article/interview with Bill Nighy about The Vertical Hour. “Though Nighy admits to some disappointment that the American Beauty director doesn’t cover his actors in rose petals during rehearsals, he can’t laud the creative team enough. He admits it took him several weeks to get used to being in the same … Read more

DM : Bill enjoying first bite of the Big Apple

Another article about Bill Nighy and The Vertical Hour in the Daily Mail: “The play has arrived at a time of momentous political and social change over here with regards to Iraq. It was fascinating for me to observe the (mainly) American audience having to confront what their President had got them into. As Bill … Read more

David Hare about The Vertical Hour

NY Post – an interview with David Hare Playbill interview with David Hare And according to Bill seems to like New York in the fall: The PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN star was skeptical when friends boasted of the delights of Manhattan, but since his arrival to star in DAVID HARE play THE VERTICAL HOUR, … Read more

Can Bill Nighy take Manhattan?

OK, the real title of this delicious article in the Observer is really Can David Hare take Manhattan? It’s a mixed article with interviews with Sam Mendes, David Hare and Bill Nighy. Downstairs, Nighy is holding sardonic court on his new carpet in a dressing room about four times the size of Scott’s. ‘Do you … Read more

NY Times : Bill Nighy is one undeniably cool character

“IMMACULATELY elegant, impeccably mannered and not a little groovy, Bill Nighy is one undeniably cool character.” Nice opening of an article in the New York times, about Bill Nighy and The Vertical Hour. Here are some highlights: David Hare about Bill: “Once you have in him in your sights, it’s hard to forget him.” “He’s … Read more

Bill Nighy and The Vertical Hour – a kind of Englishman

Finally some more information about The Vertical Hour, starring Bill Nighy and Julianne Moore, and Andrew Scott. This play, written by David Hare, and directed by Sam Mendes will be performed on Broadway in New York from the end of November. The Vertical Hour centers on Nadia Blye, a young American war correspondent turned academic … Read more

Interview with Bill Nighy – returning to stage – in New York has another excellent interview with Bill Nighy about his role in the Pirates of the Carribean – Dead Man’s Chest. He talks about the ships, and a lot of other interesting things in a very Nighy way. “Question: Did you discover the inner pirate in you when you embarked on it? Nighy: There is … Read more