bill nighy in about time the new film by Richard Curtis

Bill Nighy in About Time reviews

About Time by Richard Curtis and with Bill Nighy is about to have its release in the UK and there are lots of news items about it floading the internet. Here are some handpicked ones.

The Huffington Post has a great interview with Bill Nighy about the film, and how it made him think about his own life: Bill Nighy Calls Richard Curtis Rom-Com ‘About Time’ His Own Wake-Up Call

BBC News has a very nice article about About Time.

And for those interested, here are some good stills from About time.

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Bill Nighy turned down Doctor Who starring role

British actor Bill Nighy says he was offered the role of the Doctor, but he turned it down because it “comes with too much baggage.”

Just imagine what that could have been like, Bill Nighy as Dr. Who. Well that is not going to happen, but Bill Nighy did feature in one of the Dr. Who episodes of series 5 about Vincent van Gogh.

[You can still get it here: Doctor Who – Series 5, Volume 4]

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Bill Nighy stars in Robin Hood tax campaign

More than 50 charities are supporting a UK campaign to levy a Tobin tax on transactions between financial institutions, which can be used to help fight poverty, protect public services and tackle climate change.

The campaign will be launched today with an online promotional film written by Richard Curtis, the writer of Four Weddings and a Funeral, and starring Bill Nighy.

More about the campaign on the Independent website.

And more on the BBC website too.

And do check the official website: Robinhood tax.

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Pirate radio – video clip and more stills and Bill Nighy on Pinter interview

Pirate Radio

More video clips and still from Pirate Radio (The Boat That Rocked) have been released. One of the funniest scenes in the film is where The Count (Philip Seymour Hoffman) is about to say the F-word on radio for the very first time. Quentin, boss of Radio Rock isn’t too pleased about that:

You can find some more (non Bill) movie stills here.

Bill Nighy on Harold Pinter

The BBC has an interview with Bill Nighy about remembering Harold Pinter.
You can hear an interview with Bill about Harold Pinter here. Bill also reads some of his favourite Pinter prose.

Bill against film piracy

Bill also stood tall together with Danny Boyle (director of Slumdog Millionaire) to fight film piracy by encouraging more young people to visit the cinema.
Read the article on the Guardian website.

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Bill Nighy podcast about … running in Hyde Park!

Bill Nighy has recorded an exclusive Telegraph podcast for anyone wishing to train (running) in Hyde Park. The podcast describes the history of the royal parks and offers tips to runners.

Bill giving tips to runners, who would have thought!

The podcast is highly enjoyable, so be sure to listen to it.

If Bill has made you wanting to run, check out the Royal Parks Half marathon website.

Read the article on the Telegraph website.

(Hat tip to Becca!)

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New Pirate Radio trailer

It has been a long wait for Bill Nighy fans in the US, but Pirate Radio (The Boat That Rocked) is on its way to your cinemas at last.

The film has been reedited and will be slightly shorter than the original version, but here is a taste of what to expect:

US release date: 13th of November

If you can’t wait, The Boat That Rocked in its longer version is available on Amazon.

Let’s Rock!

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Bill Nighy on set of Statuesque

BIll Nighy is starring in Statuesque, a new short film which tells the story of a love triangle between two living statues and an admirer who observes his object of affection every day among the Christmas shoppers – but is unaware that he too is being watched.

It is a silent short film written and directed by Neil Gaiman, who wrote Coraline and Stardust. Statuesque will be broadcasted on Sky around Christmas.

Neil Gaiman twittered and wrote on his website that he was going to start shooting this movie in London, and actually wouldn’t mind people to come down and watch the process.

Bill looked pretty marvelous in his 60’s style Chicago gangster suit, his dark sunglasses makes him a perfect Blues Brother, but in the scenes he replaces his dark shades with some normal ones which turns him into a quintessential British gentleman with umbrella.

His scenes took a couple of hours after which they moved on with other cast members. I am sure that he will be shooting more scenes, but don’t currently know when these will be shot and where.
Here are some more photos, and if you want to see them all, become a fan of this website on Facebook and see the rest of the photos in the photo album there.

The Modern Delight book I wrote about earlier is now available to buy on the Waterstones website. Both the Guardian and the Press association write about it.

“Bill is a little more enigmatic and declines to explain why he enjoys seeing a bag-less woman merely including the small delight in a list of other little pleasures such as seeing Michelle Obama high-fiving a school girl.”

The book costs £9.99 and its proceeds go to charity.

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Bill Nighy in Burke and Hare with John Cleese, Simon Pegg and Minnie Driver

Bill Nighy will star in a new black comedy about two 19th century grave robbers who find a lucrative business providing cadavers for an Edinburgh medical school.

It is uncertain what role Bill will play, but it won’t be one of the two murderous leads. Simon Pegg has been cast as one of them though.

The film will be directed by John Landis who also directed Animal House, Blues Brothers and Michael Jackson’s Thriller.

“This autumn Landis will have a job, directing a big-screen feature film for the first time this century, shooting Burke and Hare for Ealing Studios with Bill Nighy, John Cleese and Minnie Driver (the two murderous leads are yet to be finalised). After spending several years shooting episodic television and documentaries and turning down offers to make movies that he would not pay to see, Landis is “thrilled to be working in the UK again on a quality project”. He promises that the tale of the early 19th-century serial murders will be shot “extremely faithfully but as a romantic comedy in the great Ealing black-comedy tradition.” With the insight of a Scorsese and the fanboy excitement of Tarantino, Landis launches into a recap of classic Ealing pictures from the 1940s and 1950s, animating his narratives with potent pauses and luxurious profanity. ”

With a cast like that, this is certainly a film to look forward to!

Burke and Hare on IMDB

And there is a great new poster out for Astroboy, you can have a look at it here

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Bill Nighy news bits

Bill in 12 Days of Christmas

Sky will produce 12 Days of Christmas, a dozen eight-minute silent films which will be broadcast on Sky1.
Bill Nighy will star in Statuesque, which tells the story of a love triangle between two living statues and an admirer who observes his object of affection every day among the Christmas shoppers – but is unaware that he too is being watched.

The short film was written by Neil Gaiman, who worked on Coraline and Stardust.


Bill the Baddie

You can read a short interview with Bill about his baddie roles here.

Bill Nighy will contribute to “Modern Delight” a new charity book

Modern Delight takes its inspiration from J B Priestley’s Delight-a 1949 collection of essays on things that made him, a self-confessed “old monster”, stop and smile.
Apart from Bill, Tom Stoppard, Stephen Fry, Jo Brand, Harry Hill and Nigel Slater are also among contributors to the book.

Modern Delight will be available from the 10th of September, will cost £10 and will be exclusively available in Waterstone’s shops and through

Proceeds from the book will go towards Dyslexia Action and the London Library, the world’s ­largest independent lending library.


Bill reads Book at bedtime

Bill Nighy reads from Laurence Sterne’s 1768 comic riposte to his contemporary Tobias Smollett’s travel journal.

The difficulties of hiring the perfect coach and four, especially when you are distracted by a beautiful unaccompanied woman.

Hear it on BBC4 Listen again (Note: only available for six more days)

If you want to stay up to date on Bill Nighy news, you can either subscribe to the news alert email service or follow billnighyinfo on Twitter.

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Video: Bill Nighy on G-Force and ‘Fame Is Sweeter With Age

More Bill

  • G-Force and Leonard Saber are doing really well at the US Box office: Guinea pigs break Potter’s spell
  • Bill Nighy: ‘As an actor, I’ve never had a plan’ Lovely interview in the UK Times.
  • BBC: Bill on “first guinea pig movie”
  • New (?) Afternoon radio play with Bill Nighy on BBC4, Thursday 14:15 – Marmalade for Comrade Philby Tune in!
  • Maugham’s Eye View (New to BBC Radio 7)

    2/6 The Vessel of Wrath
    A Somerset Maugham short story, dramatised by Neville Teller and narrated by Dirk Bogarde.

    An unlikely liaison is formed in the Dutch East Indies when a lady missionary inadvertantly falls for a drunken drop out. With a great cast which includes Anna Massey, Timothy Spall and Bill Nighy (who plays Ginger Ted, a trouble maker) , the director is Janet Whitaker.

    (Broadcasted on Saturday 25th of July at 9am and 7pm)
    5 more days available on BBC7 Listen again

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