Radio BBC7 : Bill Nighy Season

UPDATE: Bill Nighy will be interviewed and introducing each play on Saturday and Sunday at 1pm for two weekends (this is confirmed by BBC). Here are the broadcasting times for the BBC7 Bill Nighy specials, as you could see announced on the Bill Nighy Experience: Saturday 13th of August 13:00-14:00 Bill Nighy Season Almost Always … Read more

Hitchhikers is spreading

Finally the Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy is spreading across cinemas in Europe too. “Slartibartfast is a real craftsman, and sometimes views with dismay the newer flashier planets. If truth be told, Slartibartfast would rather be left alone to build beautiful coastlines with intricale fjords. After all, he’s won awards for them”. Some reviews: Guardian/Observer … Read more

Bill Nighy in Pirates

A bit more information about Bill Nighys role as Davey Jones in Pirates of the Carribean. Seems like it’s going to be a computergenerated Davey Jones we are going to get, unfortunately … “In a conversation with Orlando Bloom a while back, Bloom mentioned that they have created some characters that will out-due the skeletons … Read more