Well Bill Nighy did hundreds of radioplays for the BBC, and you can regulary hear some of them on BBC7. Maybe one day a list will be added here.



The Midwich Cuckoos (BBC radio sci-fi) (2007)

Set in the remote village of Midwich the story tells of a series of unexpected pregnancies and subsequent births which all occur on the same day. Each child the ability to communicate telepathically, a power which gets stronger as the children grow older.

Despite the recentness of the production it retains a lot of the feeling of classic 1950’s sci-fi. Stylishly directed the dramatisation is especially noteworthy for Nighy’s understated performance.

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2006 Charles Paris – Sicken and so die (4 episodes, BBC)
Bill Nighy is Charles Paris

2004 All Fingers and Thumbs
A new comedy drama by Alan Stafford. Tom is trying to create serious theatre. Marie is flailing her arms around to amuse a few deaf people. She’s the very last thing he needs. Isn’t she?

Writer: Alan Stafford
Director: Dirk Maggs
Cast: Bill Nighy (Tom), Felicity Montagu (Helen), Susannah Doyle (Marie), Jenny Éclair (Sal), Steve Day (Michael), Fifi Garfield (Paula), Brian Bowles (Clive, Gordon, Jamie)

Volume one of Jonathan Lynn & Anthony Jays’ satirical classic, starring Paul Eddington as Rt.Hon.James Hacker; Nigel Hawthorne as Sir Humphrey Appleby; Derek Fowlds as Bernard;

Bill Nighy as Frank can be heard in episodes 3. The Economy Drive and 4. The Writing On The Wall .
BBC Radio Collection has released the series on a set of 2 audio cassettes.



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