Underworld (2003)

Bill Nighy / Viktor - Underworld (2003)
Bill Nighy / Viktor – Underworld (2003) – Who wouldn’t want to play someone so powerful he can push a werewolf through a 12-inch wall with just a flick of the wrist?

Bill Nighy about Viktor

You had to wear a lot of makeup to play this vampire king. How awful was it?
Unspeakable. No one will ever be allowed to do any of that stuff to me again, as long as I live. I had absolutely no idea what they had in mind. I thought there’d be a zip up the back, but it was a medieval process. It took about six hours to make me look as though I’d been asleep for 500 hundred years. Then they gave me contact lenses. And then, they fitted the fangs – battle fangs or street fangs, depending on what the scene was. And then, nobody on the set would want to eat lunch with me!


“He adds, “Ever since I played king of the vampires in the film UNDERWORLD, I’ve been getting some serious respect from the local kids. They don’t care about Love Actually and all that romantic nonsense.
They want to see blood and guts and grizzly stuff. I think they might be a touch fearful of me.”

The Critics

Only Bill Nighy, as a fearsome ancient vampire, really makes any sort of fanged impression on this dreary disappointment.

Bill Nighy, however, brings a world-weary gravitas to the vampires’ immortal leader.
(The Guardian)

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