The Young Visiters (2003)

Earl of Clincham - The Young Visiter
Bill Nighy – The Earl of Clincham – The Young Visiters

The Critics

… the Earl of Clincham (an amusingly haughty Bill Nighy) can teach him the art of nobility …
Variety review


Fearing Ethel won’t marry him unless he’s got lineage, Alf seeks the counsel of Lord Bernard who, sensing an opening (though feeling bad about it), sends Alf off to the Crystal Palace to meet the Earl of Clincham (Bill Nighy, “Love Actually” and “State of Play”). Now, Nighy is a fabulous actor, as are Laurie and Broadbent, so you get three very accomplished vets bringing out the best of this material by having an obviously high time being the embodiment of a young girl’s make-believe mind.


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