The Magic Roundabout (2005)

Bill Nighy as Dylan in The Magic Roundabout
Dylan, Bill Nighy’s character in The Magic Roundabout

Bill Nighy about Dylan

I’m playing Dylan the Rabbit,” he told us, “they were looking for a deranged stoned-out individual, and for some reason they thought about me”. “Dylan plays no small part in the action side of the movie,” he told us, “which was very satisfying.”



The critics

Bill Nighy’s Dylan gets the majority of laughs, with drug related innuendo aimed clearly at the adult audience. Nighy is superb (arguably simply playing a floppy eared reprise of his Love Actually and Still Crazy personas).

Bill Nighy’s hippy rabbit Dylan is particularly fun.

The finest character in the original was always Dylan, who appeared to have been ingesting a lot more than carrots! Here he’s played by the languid and masterful Bill Nighy, who perfects the drawl with all the verisimilitude of someone who spends his entire day watching quiz shows shovelling crisps into their mouth with glazed eyes.



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