Stormbreaker (2006)

Bill Nighy - Alan Blunt - Stormbreaker
Bill Nighy as Alan Blunt in Stormbreaker

Directed by Geoffrey Sax, “Stormbreaker,” is based on the novel by Anthony Horowitz.
Bill Nighy, Damian Lewis, Mickey Rourke, Alicia Silverstone, Sophie Okonedo, Missi Pyle, Ashley Walters, and Sarah Bolger have committed to do the movie, with Alex Pettyfer set to star.
Ewan McGregor (“Star Wars Episode III Revenge of the Sith”) will have a cameo in the film.


BAFTA-winner Bill Nighy (Pirates of the Caribbean 2: Dead Man’s Chest, Love Actually) is Alex’s spymaster at MI6, Mr Blunt :

Appearance (in the book at least):
Grey suit, grey hair, grey lips and grey eyes. Wears square gun-metal/steel-rimmed spectacles with thick lenses.

Head/chief executive of MI6 Special Operations. His office is 1605, on the sixteenth floor, with views overlooking Liverpool Street. Cover is chairman of Royal & General. Gained a first class degree in maths at Cambridge thirty years ago.


Bill Nighy, delivering more entertainment value with one eyebrow than everyone else in the movie combined …
Seattle Weekly

The biggest bonus is the appearance of Bill Nighy as MI6 spymaster Mr Blunt. He’s Alex’s recruiter – his M, if you like – and he’s blunt by name and nature. With a battleship grey complexion and a wardrobe of suits to match, he has a mirthless snort of a laugh, a gimlet-eyed gaze and a robotic array of tics and twitches that keep him in motion.
Sydney Morning Herald

MI6 is represented, inevitably, by Bill Nighy whose faintly bizarre tics and swallowed syllables are just right for an uptight M figure.
The Guardian

Bill Nighy is a camp and deadpan joy as the careless boss of the Secret Service, Mr Blunt. He wears Eric Morecambe glasses and a thin moustache, and every line he utters is a clipped and sardonic masterpiece.
The Times

… Alex is about to learn from Bill Nighy’s gloriously quirky MI6 spymaster (was he modelled on a Pathé newscaster?) that he is to be his uncle’s replacement and sent to investigate the suspicious goings-on at flamboyantly attired tycoon Darrius Sayle’s (Mickey Rourke) overly secure high-tech installation.

Bill Nighy delivers another scene stealing performance here, even eating a biscuit he manages to get a laugh.

“As soon as you cut to Bill Nighy you start laughing, don’t you? That biscuit scene was amazing, funnily enough, because the laughter it got drowned out what was happening next. You go from the munching of the biscuit into boots marching in the training camp, but the audience laughed and drowned that out. It was literally a last minute idea on the set, I asked the prop man if he had any biscuits, and of course you give Bill a comedy moment and he gives you so much more than you expect.”
Stormbreak director on locations

BBC has a short article about Stormbreaker being partly filmed on the Isle of Man.

“Nighy, who starred in Love Actually and Pirates of the Caribbean, said: “I’ve been to the island lots of times on many different films and thank God for the Isle of Man.

“Virtually all British films under a certain budget would not get made if it was not for the Isle of Man and Isle of Man Film. I like [the Island] very much.”

Nighy had recently described the island in an interview as “a cross between Cornwall and Ireland”.
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