Still Crazy (1998)

Bill Nighy- Ray - Still Crazy (1998)
Bill Nighy as Ray in Still Crazy (1998)
Bill Nighy plays rocker Ray Simms. Ray is singer in the band Strange Fruit, which will be reunited 20 years after the split up, in the 70’s.
Bill performs all of the songs himself.

Bill Nighy won the Peter Sellers Award for Comedy for his role in Still Crazy. (1999)


Bill Nighy about Ray Simms

I did want to be a rock-and-roll singer, like everybody else. I never got out of the bedroom,” says veteran British stage and TV actor Bill Nighy, who plays Strange Fruit’s flamboyant singer Ray. “I did once rehearse with a band, but when it got close to the real thing, I panicked and fled back into the theater. So it’s terrific to have done this movie. It’s as close as I’ll get.

The Soundtrack

Stiil Crazy - The Soundtrack The soundtrack of Still Crazy is definetely worth listening too. Here you get a real good taste of Bill Nighy’s singing talent, he is a fantastic singer. The soundtrack is still available, and on amazon you can hear clips of all of the songs. Bill Nighy fans should especially be interested in All over the world, Dirty Town, Black Moon, Scream Freedom and Dangerous Things. A must have, many rock bands could wish for a lead singer like Bill Nighy.

The song “The Flame still burns” was nominated for a Golden Globe award for Best Song in a motion picture.


Scene-stealing Ray Simms (Bill Nighy) is living way beyond his means in a stately mansion with his domineering wife Astrid, a new-age herbalist who cleaned up Ray’s drug and alcohol abuse through Zen and Evian.

“Still Crazy” is a fine tribute to all our heroes of the past, those who are still going strong and those on the comeback trail.

The flame still burns!
Still Crazy – A review of the 1998 rock and roll movie (recommended)

Then there is Ray. Played by accomplished British stage actor Bill Nighy, Ray is the lead singer and the one band member still emotionally trapped in the ’70s. Nighy has the aforementioned sex, drugs and rock ‘n’ roll carved into his facial features (can you say Keith Richards) and his performance is stunning — you’ll find yourself wondering just which ’70s band he was really in. He’s responsible for much of the film’s humor and pathos. You’ll find yourself rooting for him to succeed, along with the others, despite his inflated and ultimately frail ego.

Review: ‘Commitments’ creators tune up winning ‘Still Crazy’ (CNN) (You can see 2 clips of the movie here!)

The ending will have many cheering and crying at the same time. Bill Nighy, who hasn’t realised that actors are allowed off days, is typically dazzling as the replacement singer everyone hates, rehearsing, as it were, for his star turn in Love, Actually.
Sydney Morning Herald

I discovered the movie, “Still Crazy” a year ago, and fell in love with it. Now I own the STILL CRAZY SOUNDTRACK, and this little jewel is just as entertaining as the film.

This CD brings back a flood of images from the movie, beginning with the first–and in my opinion, best–cut: “The Flame Still Burns.” Some of my other favorites include “All Over The World” and “A Woman Like That.” And I can’t help but laugh out loud when I listen to “Scream Freedom” as I think about Bill Nighy’s futile and hilarious attempt in the movie to create “shock rock.”

Bill Nighy and Jimmy Nail are incredibly gifted vocalists as well as actors. Steve Donnelly is superb on the guitar; his rifts are clean, clear, and crisp. Kudos to Clive Langer and Alan Winstanley for producing this phenomenal CD. Now let’s just round up Strange Fruit and send them on tour!

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