Pirates of the Carribean : Dead Man’s Chest (2006)

Davy Jones - Pirates of the Carribean - Dead Man's Chest
Davy Jones – Pirates of the Carribean – Dead Man’s Chest

Bill Nighy starring as a lean mean Davy Jones in part II of a trilogy with Johnny Depp, Keira Knightley and Orlando Bloom.


Bill Nighy about playing Davy Jones

Oh, it’s all CGI. My face is made-up to bleed into the creature, and I have to wear up those funky computer pajama trousers and have white dots all over the place for the mapping points for the computer. I’d done that stuff before where you have prosthetics, when I was a vampire in the “Underworld” movie, and I did vow then that nobody would ever be allowed to do anything of that kind to me again.

Bill Nighy about Davy Jones’ background:

“To him, his origin is a bit foggy,” says Nighy. “At one time he was a man, a captain of the Ship of Death. This was so long ago, and in Davy’s mind, he’s not sure if that’s real anymore. He suffers profoundly. And he’s lived under sea for so long he’s been effectively transformed into a half-squid creature.” Exactly why he’s been vanquished to the bottom of the sea, we can’t say. However, Nighy adds, his desire to obtain and protect anything relating to his treasure “has no bounds. He’s trapped by his own quest, and just not all there because of it.”

Bill Nighy about the accent:
“Having decided to do it Scottish I then, for some reason – only because of panic I think – gave the accent some kind of weirdo spin which I had no plans to do until I did it. But it seemed to help. I just think you have to, because the creature is so extraordinary, inform it in an extraordinary-ish way. It’s not what you call naturalism but you can’t claim I’m over the top because, you know, I’m a squid. And I rule the waves.”

The critics:

.. It wasn’t until the credits rolled that I realised that somewhere within this convincing computer-generated cephalopod was the British comic actor Bill Nighy.

Fans of Nighy’s jaded old rock’n’roller from Love Actually will understand how cheated I felt. Special effects buffs won’t – which is fine. But they should know what they’re missing in having his face hidden.

If ever an actor was equipped to convey the infinite world-weariness you’d expect to find in a member of the undead, he’s the one. And worse, we lose the chance of watching his brand of high camp shape up to the equally elevated variety displayed by Johnny Depp’s celebrated antihero, Captain Jack Sparrow.
Sydney Morning Herald

… while Bill Nighy essays a truly memorable villain in the multi-tentacled form of Davy Jones.
Manchester Evening news

Such inventiveness is also apparent once we’re on board Davy Jones’ slimy, barnacle-smothered ship The Flying Dutchman. While some of his bizarre, aquatic crewmembers suffer from obvious-CG-itis, Jones himself is a flawless creation, all dripping tentacles and twitching mannerisms, complemented effectively by Bill Nighy’s harsh Hibernian whisper.

Nighy does a great job of getting across his tormented character despite his face being hidden behind special effects.
Review Hollywood Reporter

Best of all is Davy himself, whose remarkable visage is festooned with a beard of moving octopus tentacles and whose strength as a singular villain is heightened by Nighy’s wily performance.


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