Minder (1982) (TV)

Bill Nighy as John Oates in Minder
Bill Nighy as John Oates in Minder

A very young Bill Nighy played journalist John Oates in the episode called “Looking for Micky” of BBC series Minder. Bill’s episode aired in 1982, as a part of the 3rd series of Minder.


About Minder

Comedy adventure in which dodgy businessman Arthur Daly (George Cole) gets his minder Terry (Dennis Waterman) into all sorts of scrapes as he tries to live the capitalist dream on the mean streets of London.

Crime often didn’t pay for Daly, but he always got away with it. Harassed Scotland Yard detectives Chisholm and Rycot usually arrived just a second too late to nick him with a van load of stolen goods.

Source: BBC

About the “Looking for Micky” episode

Mad Mickey, an old boxing friend of Terry has escaped from prison and approaches Debbie for some short term accommodation while he attempts he clear himself. When Terry is called upon for help, Arthur spots a way to make a nice little earner with a top Fleet Street journalist. What Arthur doesn’t realise is just how well acquainted the journalist is with the local villains on the manor, in particular Freddie Baker. Meanwhile, Chisolm and Jones are running around the manor looking for leads.

Source: Minder.org a website dedicated to the series



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