Hot Fuzz (2007)

Bill Nighy as Metropolitan Chief Inspector Kenneth in Hot Fuzz

From the makers of Shaun of the Dead comes Hot Fuzz, starring a long range of British Actors like Timothy Dalton, Martin Freeman, Jim Broadbent, Bill Bailey and of course Bill Nighy.


The DVD has some Extra material in which Bill Nighy explains why he decided to accepted this role. A must see for Bill Nighy fans.

Bill Nighy about playing the most important cop in Hot Fuzz

I did it because I love them and because they sweet-talked me. But Simon Pegg and Edgar Wright, who are the star and director respectively, and who also co-wrote the script of “Shaun of the Dead” are wonderful guys. They can write really funny jokes and they got everybody in this movie. It’s a big, daft, stupid cop movie. It’s basically city cop goes rural and Simon again plays the hero with Nick as his sidekick.

I’m the most important cop there is. I shouldn’t tell you this, not that it matters terribly much, but I’m a very important policeman. It’s my first time playing a policeman and I’m very proud to be the most important one in the whole picture.

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