G-Force (2009)

Bill Nighy as Leonard Saber in G-Force
Bill Nighy as Leonard Saber in G-Force

Bill Nighy has joined the cast of G-force, a half life/half animated film produced by Disney. Bill will play one of the live characters.


The story follows a group of ultra-intelligent animal commandos who work for a government agency trying to prevent evil billionaire Leonard Saber (Bil Nighy) from taking over the world. Nicolas Cage will play Speckles, a mole; Steve Buscemi will portray Bucky, a hamster; and Tracy Morgan will voice Blaster, a guinea pig.

Bill Nighy about Leonard Saber

Nighy’s portrayal of Saber, the ruthless industrialist, sounds uncannily like Sir Alan Sugar – the ruthless industrialist – although Nighy balks at the suggestion.

‘Alan Sugar – my God. No, I didn’t base Saber on Alan Sugar. And even if I did, I wouldn’t tell you, because I’m scared of Alan Sugar. He wasn’t really based on anyone. I accessed my inner fascist. And I was dressed very expensively from Savile Row, so that makes you feel rich, too.’
Of his decision to star in G-Force, he says: ‘You’d have to be mad to turn down a role in the first guinea pig movie the world has ever known.’

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