The lovely Bill Nighy in interview about Robin Hood tax and more

Please watch the video, as Bill can explain politics better than politicians can, but also watch him talk about what is next which is: Being a warrior mouse in The Chronicles of Narnia: The Silver Chair Being the minister of Magic in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (part I and II) Hat tip to … Read more

Pirate radio – video clip and more stills and Bill Nighy on Pinter interview

Pirate Radio More video clips and still from Pirate Radio (The Boat That Rocked) have been released. One of the funniest scenes in the film is where The Count (Philip Seymour Hoffman) is about to say the F-word on radio for the very first time. Quentin, boss of Radio Rock isn’t too pleased about that: … Read more

Bill Nighy about Glorious 39 and interview with Bill in new book

The more than lovely Bill Nighy has just returned from Toronto to promote Glorious 39 on the Toronto Film Festival where it premiered. Here is a clip with interviews with Bill, Julie Christie, Romola Garai and Stephen Poliakoff about the film. Glorious 39 currently has a release date of the 20th of November 2009 for … Read more

Bill Nighy news bits

Bill in 12 Days of Christmas Sky will produce 12 Days of Christmas, a dozen eight-minute silent films which will be broadcast on Sky1. Bill Nighy will star in Statuesque, which tells the story of a love triangle between two living statues and an admirer who observes his object of affection every day among the … Read more

Bill Nighy will sell you books in Oxfam shop

Press release: Bill Nighy is due to swap the stage for a shift volunteering at a charity book shop. The film star is one of a number of celebrities and authors including Alexei Sayle, Monica Ali, Joanna Trollope and Philip Pullman who will work behind the counter in Oxfam stores. They are launching the first … Read more

Bill Nighy the style icon and Wild Target photos

While we already knew Bill was a style icon, Bill has now been voted number 7 in a poll for the most stylish man. 3,000 men aged 25-55 took part in the poll which quizzed them on their fashion habits and views on stylish male icons. The survey was commissioned by Thomas Pink, the British … Read more

What is Bill thinking – caption competition and more news

Bill is cutting the cake – but what is he thinking? Bill has attended the famous Chelsea Flower show in London recently and had the honor of cutting the 40th birthday cake for David Austin English Roses. David Austin Roses decided that Bill’s Mona Lisa smile was worthy of a caption competition. Simply write and … Read more

Bill Nighy contributes to book for Prince’s trust

Inspired, a 160-page hardback, will be launched in July, and will feature celebrities from film, TV, music and sport revealing how music has changed their lives, as well as the stories of young people supported by The Prince’s Trust. HRH the Prince of Wales will write a personal foreword, and the money raised will go … Read more

Bill Nighy on The Boat that Rocked and life

The lovely Bill Nighy does a lot of interviews these days, and here is one more, about The Boat That Rocked – and the only purpose of this movie – which is to make you laugh. Of course it is also about the Rolling Stones, and Bob Dylan and Bill’s own life – and becoming … Read more

Bill Nighy – the healthy man and more

Lovely 10 minute podcast interview with Bill Nighy about being healthy, and of course also about The Boat that Rocked. Read the related interview on the Telegraph. There is more Nighy candy for your ear on BBC7 if you like the voice, which of course you do: Vongole Michael Butt’s saucy comedy of a middle-aged … Read more

Bill Nighy interview in the Telegraph

He did join a garage band at one point, as the singer, ‘but it was all too scary’. His hair was partly to blame for his shaken confidence. ‘I had a catastrophe when I hit puberty in that my hair went violently curly. I tried putting some gunk on it to keep it down but … Read more