About this site

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This is an unofficial website about the mighty Bill Nighy, the actor, the singer, the voice, the poser, the rocker, the …. OK you got the picture.


Consider it like a kind of online Bill Nighy scrap book, where you can find notes, and pictures, links to articles about Bill, what do critics say about Bill, and not the least what does Bill say about Life, The Universe and Everything.

And why exactly should we like Bill Nighy?
Because he is a fantastic actor
That voice, that voice …
Because he is extremely funny
Because he is the coolest, without really being aware of it
Because he is a rocker at heart (check Still Crazy and Love Actually)
Because he is the best looking vampire around (check Victor in Underworld)
Because even as a zombie he is charming (check Shaun of the Dead)
Because he rules the world (check The Hitchhikers Guide to The Galaxy)
Because his version of Christmas is All Around makes you smile, no matter what bad mood you were in

That should be enough reasons, but I can come up with more if you want me to …

“My name ?
My name isn’t important … ”
But if you really want to know,
and yes I am a big fan.

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