Wild Target (2009)

Bill Nighy, Victor Maynard in Wild Target


Into the solitary life of middle-aged hit man, Victor Meynard, come two people: Antoine, a youth who becomes Victor’s apprentice, and Ren, a bold thief Victor’s been hired to kill because she cheated a mobster. When circumstances prevent Victor from killing her, the gangster sends two more teams to do it (and to dispatch Victor and Antoine). Victor decides to help Ren, and the unlikely trio ends up at his house with his temperamental mother; there, as they hide out, Victor’s attraction to Ren grows, she discovers his vocation and fears he’s going to kill her, and an ultimate showdown with their hunters is inevitable.


Bill plays Victor Meynard, Emily Blunt is Ren and Bill’s apprentice in the film will be played by Rupert Grint.

Jonathan Lynn directed.

The film was partly shot on the Isle of Man and in London.



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