The Men’s Room (1991)

Bill Nighy as the irresistible Mark Carleton in the Men’s Room

The Men’s Room tells the story of Charity (played by Harriet Walter), a mother of four, who falls in love with Professor Mark Carleton (Bill Nighy), her new head of department at the University. They are both married.


This 5 episode drama follows the life of both Mark and Charity. Charity uneasy with the deceit in her adulterous affair with Mark, while Mark is a womanizer of the worst kind and someone who he has done this many times before.

Mark needs to have affairs he tells Charity because they keep him “vital”.

Their relationship turns into a rollercoaster where they can’t seem to live with nor without each other. The story ends in the year 2000, 20 years after their initial meeting. They live separate lives, but even that many years later, there still seems to be a spark of passion between the two.

The Men’s Room is top class but also hard hitting British drama, a BBC production which aired in 1991.

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