The Lost Prince (2003)

Bill Nighy - The Lost Prince
Bill Nighy plays Lord Stamfordham in The Lost Prince.

Bill Nighy won a Golden Satellite award for : Best Actor in a Supporting Role in a Series, Mini-Series or Motion Picture Made for Television for his role in the Lost Prince.


Bill Nighy plays Lord Stamfordham:
The King’s brilliantly adept Private Secretary, a man who proves a rock for George V as the monarchy is shaken by cataclysmic change.

Bill Nighy about Stamfordham

Stamfordham was able to protect George from too much contact with his not altogether supportive government. He could also translate the monarch’s wishes into diplomatic terms and convey them to the Prime Minister. He proved a vital conduit between the King and the outside world. Everything went through him. He was unquestioningly loyal. You could call Stamfordham the ultimate professional.

There was a great deal in Poliakoff’s screenplay that I didn’t know… Lots of things surprised me — like how the First World War actually started. I’m very interested in the accidental nature of history. We imagine that history is the result of careful planning, but often it turns on purely random events. This drama bears that out.

This is not a conventional period piece. It features the most significant events in our recent history, but that’s not the point. Poliakoff has a talent for making a story authentic and universal. This resonates beyond the historical context, so that we as modern-day viewers can identify with the characters and understand our history better.

There are absolutely no clich├ęs in this work. You’d expect a historical drama to be full of hackneyed ideas, but this is a really fresh view of the past. Poliakoff sees the world in a compassionate and unique way.

The Critics

Awfully good to see Bill Nighy, too, as Stamfordham, the King’s private secretary. Personally, I can’t get enough of Nighy. Close your eyes and just breathe in that voice – it’s the aural equivalent of eating dark chocolate truffles dipped in whipped cream.
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