Blow Dry (2001)

Bill Nighy- Ray - Blow Dry (2001)
Bill Nighy as Ray in Blow Dry (2001)

Bill Nighy about this film

“I could probably blowdrying your hair, there would be tears in your eyes by the time I’m finished, you know, but I could make it look reasonable.
As for cutting : I don’t think anyone is gonna actually let me loose with a pair of scissors”


The Critics

The cast — Richardson, Griffiths, Hartnett, supermodel Heidi Klum, Bill Nighy (as a crooked competitor) and Rachael Leigh Cook (as his Juliet of a daughter) — could hardly be more charming, or more authentic.

Nighy makes a great comic villain
Washington Post


IMDB: Blow Dry
Review : Blow Dry is more than just a fluffy comedy



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