Guardian interview: Bill Nighy: ‘I’m not in any trouble, everybody can relax’

The Guardian has a nice interview with Bill Nighy about Their Finest, but really also about his whole career, and about why he really doesn’t want to watch his own work. As in really really not.



And it’s getting harder,” he says, clearly warming to the subject. “In the old days, they’d say: ‘There’s a cast and crew screening on 9 April.’ And you’d just go: ‘I can’t do that, terribly sorry, just can’t make it.’ And they’d say: ‘What a shame.’ And I’d say: ‘Well, I’ll see it some other time’ – like that’s actually going to happen. But of course now, it’s got to a point where they say: ‘Oh, you can’t make the 9th? What day would you like to come? We can set up a screening.’ And then you’re buggered.


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