bill nighy in about time the new film by Richard Curtis

Bill Nighy in About Time reviews

Bill Nighy in About Time by Richard Curtis


About Time by Richard Curtis and with Bill Nighy is about to have its release in the UK and there are lots of news items about it floading the internet. Here are some handpicked ones.

The Huffington Post has a great interview with Bill Nighy about the film, and how it made him think about his own life: Bill Nighy Calls Richard Curtis Rom-Com ‘About Time’ His Own Wake-Up Call

BBC News has a very nice article about About Time.

And for those interested, here are some good stills from About time.



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  1. I have only recently discovered Bill when HBO began showing “About Time.” I completely enjoyed Bill’s performance. Also found I liked “Hitchhikers Guide” and “Love Actually.” He very quickly becomes an integral part of any production he is in.

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