Davy / Nighy news update

While the reviews for the Pirates film are mixed, Davy Jones/Bill Nighy only get positive words. The only thing reviewers are complaining about concerning Davy is that Bill Nighy is hidden away too well.

Here is a clip more:
No less tragic a figure is Jones himself — a ghastly apparition with lobster-claw hands, a great bulbous neck and a head of writhing, molluskoid tentacles. Inhabited with titanic gusto by the great British character actor Bill Nighy (Love Actually), under virtual pounds of CG makeup, Jones turns the movie on with his grandness, his sadism and his tortured pining for his lost lady love. It’s a terrific performance, and one that leaves Depp’s looking ever more like a flashy parlor trick.
LA Weekly


The ever-moving tentacles, a surreal match to Jack’s dreadlocks, seem to have a life of their own, but Nighy manages to create a character from behind them.
Seattle Times

But Bill Nighy’s over-the-top performance as Davy Jones gets a check on the plus side. Remember his Billy Mack in “Love Actually”? You have to love Nighy’s squiddy facial tentacles and beady little eyes peering through heavy prosthetic makeup (Not really – it’s all CGI).

HOLLYWOOD star Bill Nighy has revealed that TV comedy Still Game inspired the Scots accent he uses in Pirates Of The Caribbean II. The English actor, who plays mythical baddie Davy Jones, is a fan of the show.
And Bill, whose mother is from Glasgow, admitted he based the character’s voice on pensioners Jack and Victor, played by Ford Kiernan and Greg Hemphill.
Bill said: “I had to find an accent no one else had. Although Alex Norton is Scottish, mine was slightly different. We wanted something that was distinctive and authoritative.
“I have seen Still Game and I am a fan. The sort of extremity of the accent was inspired in that area.”
Daily record

An short interview with Bill Nighy about his alter ego Davy Jones:
What does Nighy see in his squid-faced self? “I don’t know whether it’s just because I’m me, but I am surprised by what degree it looks familiar,” the actor says. “It’s spooky, obviously, because it’s a weird experience. And it is satisfying to see that the movement, the physical stuff, and the attitudinal decisions that I made at the time survived. They’re in it, they’re there, even though they are delivered by this weirdo.”

An overview of all the reviews of POTC2 at Metacritic.com

Apart from POTC, The Girl In The Cafe got 7 Emmy nominations. Unfortunately (and incredibly) Bill Nighy didn’t get nominated at Best Actor, but Kelly MacDonald got nominated for Supporting Actress in a Miniseries or a Movie. (See all the Emmy nominations here)

Bill also spoke about his respect for Richard Curtis in a short item on PR Inside:
Nighy says, “I’m not naive to think that a TV show or a film is gonna change the world but, incrementally, stuff helps.
“Richard Curtis has dedicated half his life to trying to address the fact that half the world has more than they need and half the world hasn’t got enough.

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